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Seller Sessions Amazon FBA and Private Label

Seller Sessions

Seller Sessions is the world's first dedicated marketing show for Amazon FBA and Private Label sellers. No need to pay for expensive courses or overpriced Masterminds. Every week we dive into tactics and techniques that are actionable and delivered in bite sized chunks; FOR FREE!


Jan 24, 2024

Exploring Google Business Profiles with Norm Farrar

Introduction to Google Business Profile

In this insightful episode of Seller Sessions, host Danny McMillan welcomes Norm Farrar, a seasoned entrepreneur and host of Lunch with Norm, to delve into the world of Google Business Profiles (GBP). Farrar shares his vast...

Jan 24, 2024

The Broad Match Show with Adam Heist

Amazon Selling: Navigating the 2024 Landscape

  • Adam Heist's Insights: Predicts a shift in Amazon strategy from keyword focus to more nuanced approaches. Emphasizes the increasing importance of product quality, differentiation, and visual representation. Highlights the need...

Jan 18, 2024

Advanced Level Landing Page Optimization (Walkthrough) for 2024

In the constantly evolving digital landscape of 2024, landing page optimization remains a pivotal element for online marketing success, especially for Amazon sellers with their own websites. This In-Depth podcast we walk you through the anatomy of...

Jan 8, 2024

Amazon’s AI Listing Writer with Brandon Young

Reconciliation Score

  • Amazon uses a reconciliation score on listings to determine which changes to a listing are accepted. This score works like a pyramid, with different levels of authority.
  • Hierarchy: At the bottom are individual sellers, moving up through professional,...

Jan 3, 2024

Mina Elias Unpacks Amazon DSP: A 20-Minute Expert Guide

Introduction to Amazon DSP

Welcome to another enthralling episode of Seller Sessions with host Danny McMillan. Today's special guest, Mina Elias, brings invaluable insights into the world of Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP). This session promises to be a goldmine...