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Dec 18, 2023

A9 Bot - How To Get The Most Out Of Your Listing Optimisation

In this informative episode of Seller Sessions, host Danny McMillan gives listeners an inside look at the A9 Bot available exclusively through his website. This specialised bot aims to help sellers better grasp Amazon's ever-evolving A9 ranking algorithms and optimisation factors by synthesising key learnings from extensive scientific literature and patents.

Laying the Groundwork Around A9 Understanding

Before demonstrating the A9 Bot tool itself, Danny emphasises how this fits into his broader mission to equip Amazon sellers with more technical competency on the inner workings of Amazon search. He’s compiled and working through 1234 scientific papers and has written at depth on subjects sellers may find confusing or conflicting when trying to rank higher.

  • Understanding Product Photos and How Attributes Really Work
  • How Amazon Protects Answers to Product Questions Using Similar Products
  • The Real Reason Why A10 is a Myth
  • Improving Seasonal Relevance and Ranking on Amazon Search

This scientific grounding informs the A9 Bot's capabilities for listing optimisation tied to ranking factors. Danny emphasises digesting this background will prove useful for sellers aiming to "level up" their Amazon search education.

Introducing Key Match Types: Lexical vs. Semantic vs. BERT Contextual

As Danny shifts into demonstrating the tool itself, he starts by outlining three key match types critical to understand:

  1. Lexical Matching
  2. Semantic Matching
  3. BERT Contextual Matching

While lexical matching should remain core to any keyword targeting strategy, Danny urges sellers not to limit themselves to only indexing keywords. The semantic and BERT matches within A9 paint a fuller picture of what customers may search for — and how listings can evolve to reach more searchers.

Seeing the A9 Bot in Action: Listing Rewrites

To illustrate the bot's capabilities, Danny provides a demo using a beard oil product as an example. He prompts the bot to rewrite the listing bullets targeting first lexical matches, then semantic matches, and finally keyword matches informed by BERT's contextual analysis.

The output shows clear differences highlighting how each match type shapes results. The lexical rewrite sticks closest to exact keyword matches in the original beard oil listing. Meanwhile the semantic match incorporates more contextual phrases that extend meaning like beard grooming and shaping tools. Finally, the BERT rewrite recognises entities and relationships to recommend additional keywords around skin conditioning, packaging format, and product feel during application.

This small demo begins to showcase how tapping scientific advances in language AI can assist sellers in reaching more customers. While their manual testing and listing quality control remains imperative, leveraging innovations like BERT as an input can spur new optimisation ideas.

Key Takeaways and Parting Thoughts

In concluding his A9 Bot intro, Danny shares a few final recommendations:

  • Use provided prompts to experiment rewriting your own listings with lexical, semantic, and BERT matches
  • Check his site’s “A9 Algorithm” section for articles dispelling myths plus evolving science around ranking factors
  • Recognise sellers optimise for conversion while Amazon algorithms focus on customer experience first
  • Avoid overstuffing listings with keywords without considering user experience

With innovations in contextual language understanding racing ahead, Danny emphasises sellers must stay on the pulse of Amazon advancements to remain competitive in organic search. Tools like the A9 Bot point to a future where semantic search capabilities will only grow more advanced. Though testing and high-quality listings remain essential, embracing these new frontiers in AI can help uncover more opportunities.

Link to A9 Bot:

Prompts For A9 Bot

Examples (adjust accordingly to your requirements):

I am launching a beard oil product. Can you generate a list of 10 search queries that would represent lexical matching.

Then explain what this match type is and how it impacts ranking

1.I am launching a beard oil product. Can you generate a list of 10 search queries that would represent semantic matching.

Then explain what this match type is and how it impacts ranking

2.I am launching a beard oil product. Can you generate a list of 10 search queries that would represent BERT matching.Then explain what this match time is and how it impacts ranking

3.Take this title and rewrite it based on Lexical, Semantic and Bert matching “Beard Oil Conditioner Sandalwood Scent (Large 2 Oz) - Natural Organic Formula with Tea Tree, Argan and Jojoba Oils for Men - Promotes Growth, Softens, & Hydrates - Striking Viking

“ and use all of the knowledge base for other factors that could improve conversion and Click through rate then summarise and explain why to you did them?

4.Take these bullet points and rewrite it based on Lexical, Semantic and Bert matching “ • Invigorate Your Senses - Our beard oil for men is non-greasy and made with nothing but pure all natural ingredients, leaving your beard looking and smelling its best

  • Softens and Conditions - Our beard oil conditioner is made with high quality ingredients to help tame your beard, while also making it thicker, fuller and softer. Striking Viking beard grooming products for men will give you the confidence to conquer the world!
  • Healthy Beard Growth - Our beard conditioning oil promotes growth by effectively restoring the natural moisture to the root of your beard leaving you with thick luscious hair
  • Goodbye Itch and Dandruff - No more rough, scratchy beard from now on because we use only the finest ingredients, so our beard softening oil is lighter and easier to absorb. Just a few drops will keep your beard deeply nourished and looking well maintained throughout the year!
  • Try It Risk Free - Try our collection of beard care oils today, all designed to help your beard look and feel great

5.Write a unique and compelling product description for the above bullet points and title, including tips on how to use it and how it can improve {the pain your product solves}.