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Jun 22, 2022

Today I bring in Steven Selikoff to discuss the possibility of a strike happening as the Longshoremen agreement expires soon (ca). With shipping companies making $190 Billion in profits last year alone. This could be a tough stand off for the union,  and the employees that do the back breaking and dangerous work, around the clock, for national average salary for $54,439.The shipping companies increased prices sevenfold last year. During the same time, the Longshoremen worked through a pandemic on the same money. 


You do not want your products sitting on a ship caught in a backlog, or worse, stuck offshore if a strike hits. The 2014 Christmas slowdown shows that the longshoremen know the leverage they have by causing supply chain problems during the Holidays.


This is the topic of discussion today, and some workarounds if the work case scenario happens.

Steven Selikoff is a serial entrepreneur who has been developing innovative products since 2005. His products have been sold through Amazon Vendor & Amazon Marketplace, in independent & specialty retailers, and in big box stores all over the world. He has four patents, has had products on every major morning show from the Today Show to Fox Business News, featured in newspapers and in magazines ranging from USA Today to Forbes to Vogue, and were even in the gift bags at the Oscars.

Steven was formerly Global Business Manager for Microsoft Worldwide Retail Sales & Marketing, and has taught and has lectured on Negotiation, Product Development, and Business Process Improvement across the globe. He is the author of The COMPLETE BOOK of Product Design, Development, Manufacturing & Sales, which has sold over 60,000 copies, and is now used as a textbook in major universities.

Steven recently founded the Product Development Academy, which teaches entrepreneurs how to develop and sell unique products – yet like thousands of others, Steven still loves producing and selling his own unique products as well.