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Mar 29, 2023

Image Prompt Engineering For Amazon Sellers

In this episode former Amazonian Max Sinclair joins to discuss Prompt Engineering for images.

Prompt engineering is an iterative process that requires experimentation and variation to achieve the desired outcome. Use prompts that are specific, concise, descriptive, and well-formed. Additionally, choosing the right camera lens is crucial for generating high-quality AI-generated images. Understanding the impact of different mm lenses is essential for creating the best output.

AI-generated images can be used in various types of content, including blog posts, email marketing campaigns, website graphics, packaging, product design inspiration, and even creating products such as t-shirts, mugs, and phone cases.

With AI-generated images, sellers can create visually appealing content that helps illustrate product benefits or brand stories and values. These images can help increase click-through rates and drive sales in email marketing campaigns, enhance the overall branding and visual appeal.

In conclusion, prompt engineering is a crucial aspect of generating high-quality AI-generated images. By experimenting with different prompts and camera lenses, sellers can create unique and relevant images that help enhance the overall visual appeal of their products and services.


Max Sinclair is the Founder and CEO of Ecomtent enables Sellers to create lifestyle images with Generative AI. Using Ecomtent, you can put your product in any scenario, and with a person of any age, ethnicity, or gender. Prior to founding Ecomtent, Max spent six years working at Amazon. Here he worked in a number of roles, including on the launch of Amazon Buisness (B2B) in the UK, and being responsible for customer browse and catalogue quality for the launch of Amazon in Singapore.