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Seller Sessions Amazon FBA and Private Label

Seller Sessions

Seller Sessions is the world's first dedicated marketing show for Amazon FBA and Private Label sellers. No need to pay for expensive courses or overpriced Masterminds. Every week we dive into tactics and techniques that are actionable and delivered in bite sized chunks; FOR FREE!


Aug 22, 2023

15 Hacks to Supercharge Your Amazon Business with Former Amazonian John Derkits

Episode Summary:

In this highly informative episode, Adam Heist returns to the show and sits down with former Amazon employee and e-commerce expert John Derkits. They dive deep into 15 hacks that every Amazon seller should know. From leveraging Amazon Posts to optimizing for mobile shoppers, these strategies are designed to elevate your Amazon business to new heights.

About the Guest: John Derkits
- *Previous Roles*: Worked at Amazon and for a major aggregator.
- *Entrepreneur*: Built his own brands and has helped others exit their businesses successfully.
- *Persona*: Known for being highly intelligent and an all-around great human being.

Key Hacks & Tips:

HACK 1: Amazon Posts Infinite Content
Harness the power of Amazon Posts to create infinite content and improve your brand’s visibility.

HACK 2: Stack Amazon Influencers + Attribution for Greater Bonuses
Combine influencer partnerships with Amazon Attribution to maximize bonuses and optimize ROI.

HACK 3: ShipmentmakerPro’s FC Scorecard
Avoid stock-outs by steering clear of Fulfillment Centers (FCs) with backlogs, using ShipmentmakerPro’s FC Scorecard.

HACK 4: Activate Instock Headstart to Improve Availability
Ensure your product is always available by activating Instock Headstart.

HACK 5: SQP Shipping Speed Data
Identify the best ASINs for PEDs by analyzing SQP Shipping Speed Data. (Discussed in last week's newsletter)

HACK 6: Recover the Buy Box
Determine the exact price point necessary to regain control over the Buy Box. (Also explained in a previous newsletter)

HACK 7: Image Ratio for Mobile Shoppers
If the majority of your customers are mobile shoppers, adjust your main image to a 5:6 ratio for better visibility.

HACK 8: MobileCards Chrome Extension
Preview your mobile shopping experience by using the MobileCards Chrome extension.

HACK 9: Use Oxolo for Quick Video Creation
Enhance your Product Detail Pages (PDPs) with videos created in less than 15 minutes using Oxolo. This can lead to a 9.7% lift in sales.

HACK 10: FBA Damaged Opt-Out
Prevent Amazon from selling damaged inventory and affecting your reviews by opting out of Warehouse Deals.

HACK 11: Earn List-Price Strike-Through
Get a 3.9% sales lift by setting your Standard price as your List price and running a 24-hour coupon at 50% off.

HACK 12: Product Lifecycle Support
Cut your return rate by 50% or more with Product Lifecycle Support. (PRO TIP: Use OnSite Support for this service)

HACK 13: Increase PPC Ad Spend Limit
Extend your payback period by 30+ days by increasing your PPC ad spend limit.

HACK 14: LandingCube for Customer Data
Use LandingCube to qualify and tag traffic while capturing customer emails.

HACK 15: Inventory Funding Options
Access more affordable inventory funding through SBA 7a Express Lines of Credit and Securities-Backed Loans.